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e: alexandria.r.dasilva@gmail.com

m: +44 (0) 7712 719 415

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Alexandria is a  London based Art Director / Production Designer in Events, Film, Installation and other immersive experiences. A versatile art department hustler she jumps from designing and art direction through to buying and set dressing. An eager, adventurous spirit who thrives under pressure and embraces creative challenges. What Alexandria adores is pulling together a team to place a projects vision into reality, no matter how challenging or peculiar. 

With a background in Fine Art as an Installation Artist, Alexandria has a natural intuition to explore life with a creative,observant eye. The art department allows her to focus her imagination and passion towards creating vivid visions that the audience can connect to and experience.

A job that doesn't feel like work and is a life passion that leads to meeting interesting people along the road… happy days!